Authentic Local Dishes:

For us, By us

Turn your home into a part-time restaurant or event venue. The purpose of Pieme is to provide a platform where people connect through their shared love for authentic, home-cooked local dishes. Pieme brings people together, helping to build friendlier, stronger communities.

Pie Token

The Pie Token is the exclusive payment option on Pieme used by users to order for meals, book events tickets and pay for advertising fees at a discount.

Pie Token enables users on Pieme to enjoy discounts, low transaction fees, Privacy, Security and rewards while transacting on the platform


This is the primary section of the platform, Piemates share updates with those following them, just like other social platforms, updates can be text or media.


Connect directly with your hosts, share what you need in particular as well as connecting in group conversations with those you are attending the next event with


Any one can turn their home into a part-time restaurant or event place on Pieme, share authentic local dishes with the community around you


As Guests, Pieme users find authentic local dishes offered by local communities around them, they get connected directly with their Hosts without any middle players who add up costs on the actual cost of food

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Pieme offers

Quick and Unlimited search

Have access to a wide range of Local authentic dishes and events. Easily search, make definite choices, and receive a notification when the request is accepted, it is that simple!

Connection with Piemates

As a Guest, connect directly with Hosts offering local dishes from their homes. We connect people in the most traditional way, over Food

Super features

Pieme has four major features that make it easy to use, including the Host section, Guest section, Chat, and Pies.

Convenient UI

Pieme is designed to give our users the best experience possible. Communication and interaction is swift and in-time.

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