About Pieme

About Pieme

Pieme a platform that connects people to authentic local dishes organized by communities around them. The idea of Pieme is not to create a new Uber eats or Deliveroo database but to enhance the narrative database, which is radically different from the ones found on the internet that big data hoarders manipulate. Pieme system allows us to engage the next generation in defining the future state of our communities, which influences and perpetuates our cultures.

Getting the world to realize the traditional local dishes and cultural diversities of our people and tribes elucidates the bigger problem of conglomerates dominating the landscape. We are creating awareness and sustaining cultural influences driven away by capitalism through decentralized food delivery services.

Pieme a local food system rewards users for using the decentralized platform to incentivize use, encourages local chefs in small villages to open their restaurants from their homes.

The currency used on Pieme is PIE token, which creates a micro-economy where people act as individual local ethnographers to their communities by increasing awareness of each village’s traditional dishes.

In Nigeria alone, there are over five hundred languages and three hundred and seventy one tribes, each tribe within those groups have their local food, Uganda which is in the Eastern part of Africa has forty one living languages and tribes with local dishes too, however the influx of western food chains is diluting the culinary connection to the local food

Pieme focuses on being a decentralized platform connecting people to authentic local dishes prepared by the locals themselves without middle players.

How Pieme works.

As a guest.

  • Open Pieme and navigate to the guest section
  • Choose whether you are looking for meals (Food) of Events
  • If you select meals, choose food of your choice
  • Send the host a request and patiently wait on them to respond
  • If the request is accepted, you get connected automatically in the chat with your host,
  • Pay online and only release the funds to the host after receiving your order
  • Rate and review your host

As a host

  • Navigate to the host section of Pieme
  • Choose whether you want to host people for a meal or event
  • If meal, provide images and information about the meal you are sharing and submit
  • Pieme will notify Piemates around you willing to join you for the shared meal
  • Accept or reject requests from guests interested in your food
  • For those you accept, you get connected in the chat with your guests
  • After delivery, rate and review your guest to help other hosts know your experience with him or her.
  • Host more and have fan on Pieme


The Pie section is where people share news, thoughts and experiences with those they follow, become Piemates on Pieme by following each other, the shared content can be in text or media.

Pieme shows Posts that we call pies to you from those you follow, we also suggest other content that we think falls in your interests.

As a host or guest, you can also share the food or event you attended on your timeline to appear to those who follow you.


We. Support both private and group conversations for events, as a host, when you create an event, Pieme automatically creates a chat group for that event so that guests attending ca start interacting with other and create a bond even before the event due date and time.


We let guests and hosts rate and review each other on Pieme, this promotes transparency and good behaviour as bad reviews will chase away potential guests as well as rejection of requests from the guest perspective.

Pieme is available to any person anywhere, sharing is borderless. Find food from your neighbours with ease.

The Problem

Disconnection from the cities and their cultures

With the rise of ghost kitchens and the diversity of regional cuisines being threatened by consumerism, there is little to no direct connection between consumers and producers who are offering food.  This disconnects people from the communities around them and fragments local culture

High cost of food

In recent years the online food delivery business has boomed, which has led to the rise in the number of ghost kitchens operating. A ghost kitchen differs from traditional food takeout service kitchens because there is no direct interaction between the customer and the restaurant, thus operation costs are reduced. A customer can order food via a third-party food delivery company and dropped off by the same company. Most people end up paying more than they should for food simply because the current failed system adds extra charges to the consumer via fiat payment systems


Pieme a platform that connects people to authentic home cooked local food, enabling hosts to offer their homes as part time restaurants or event venues without any need for intermediaries 

How Pieme benefits communities

Pieme is a platform that allows people to use their homes as part-time restaurants or event venues. The platform helps people share news, thoughts and experiences through text or media, and to chat with friends and loved ones in both private and group conversations. It’s a unique platform based on recommendations from chefs, event organisers and the public with inspiration from apps like Uber that let people use their cars as part-time taxis or Airbnb that gives people a platform to turn their homes into part-time guest houses.

Download Pieme for more experience, Android iOS

Launched in 2020, Pieme is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and order meals around the world, online or from a mobile phone. Pieme community is becoming a leader in the new food and event Sharing Economy, a movement that will represent a significant part of the world’s future economic growth.

Millions of people are being empowered to help make ends meet using their home space. This platform is distributing economic opportunities across diverse neighborhoods and providing people with a trusted platform they can use to benefit their families, earn additional income as a host or find cheap nutritious food and interesting events as guests. We have worked hard to provide tools and resources that promote transparency and trust, and we are proud to be the first social platform dedicated to helping people turn their homes into part-time restaurants or event places. Download Pieme Android iOS.

Pieme allows anyone to belong anywhere, our platform helps strangers see a city as a local and lets hosts become ambassadors for the communities they love by providing native local dishes to interested guests from all over the world. For hosts, the economic benefit of Pieme is often life changing, and for cities, it is revitalizing for neighborhoods and small businesses alike. Pieme has distributed the economic benefits of home food sharing across at least three categories:

1. Positive effects on consumers and the tourism industry.

2. Positive effects on neighbourhoods and local businesses.

3. Positive effects on residents and households.