Pieme prides itself not just on connecting people with traditional local dishes, connecting people with food, but also providing a unique and wonderful social experience by bringing people together over their shared love of being able to enjoy local cuisine while being able to help others. Food is something we all need and for the millions who live in extreme poverty, getting enough to eat is a daily struggle that nobody should have to face. This is why Pieme is doing everything we can to support social causes, working to make meal donations smooth, transparent, and easy for anyone to donate food relief to those in need without involving third parties to ensure that the costs are kept as low as possible to ensure the highest allocation of resources are going to those who need them most.

How food donations work in the current system

If a donor wants to donate or support people in a certain area, the person making the donation has to go through an organization such as the Red Cross that will help ensure the meals and resources make it to the beneficiaries. This can involve some high overhead and administrative third-party costs which go to things like transport costs and salaries which are unfortunately taken out of the donation amount, reducing the amount actually received by the beneficiaries. These expenses directly reduce the amount intended for the beneficiaries and this traditional method removes the donor’s ability to directly access and connect with the communities that they want to support.

Another issue with the traditional method of donating is the number of fraudulent activities that have been uncovered by some of these organizations resulting in those in need receiving very little or nothing at all from the original donation amount that was donated by caring individuals intended to help communities in need.

How we are solving the food donation scandal

Pieme is going to give any person an opportunity to become a donor and directly connect with the communities of interest, knowing that their donation is not going to be diluted by paying for things like high overhead costs and administration fees.

We are introducing meal donations to make it very easy and cheap for people to support affected communities regardless of how much or how little they are able to offer. In Uganda for example, plantain with beans which is a staple diet and commonly consumed by people in the west of Uganda goes for 2000 Uganda shillings which is around $0.66. With the combined donations from the Pieme community, it will only cost around $1,700 in donations from our community to feed 2272 people for lunch. This is something that Pieme feels will be easily achieved through group effort and the care of our growing community, making a real-life, major positive impact on the lives of people who need the most help.

How it works on Pieme

The donor will navigate to the app as a guest, and create a donation drive

They will then be required to choose the location of interest using GPS,  where a list of verified restaurant partners will be displayed and the donor can choose any restaurant of choice and their average meal costs.

A Donor will be required to place an offer, (what they are willing to pay per plate), the total amount they want to donate, as well as the start and end time of the donation drive.

Once all is set, Pieme will freeze the funds that the donor is offering and the tagged restaurants are notified of the offer.

Invited restaurants are given up to 24 hours to either accept or reject the offer, every time the restaurant accepts or reject the offer the donor is notified.

When the restaurant accepts the offer, Pieme notifies people in the area via the Pieme platform about the availability of food at the specified restaurant that has agreed to take part in the donation drive. This creates a community-driven donation process where all parties that participate within the community benefit, effectively removing monopolies and keeping resources within the communities that need them.

People can start to send their requests and pick up the food from the restaurants, and Pieme releases funds for each order every time the order is completed. The donor is kept in the know so they can monitor the progress and can even directly interact with the individual beneficiaries.

Once the funds are fully consumed, Pieme notifies the donor with a report on how the drive went, and can be shared on their timeline.

If the time elapses before the funds are fully utilized, Pieme bounces the funds back to the donor, they can choose to extend or end the donation drive.