How Pieme Works

The idea of Pieme is not to create a new Uber eats, Jumia food or Deliveroo database but to enhance the narrative database, which is radically different from the ones found on the internet that big data hoarders manipulate. Pieme system allows us to engage the next generation in defining the future state of our communities, which influences and perpetuates our cultures.

Getting the world to realize the traditional local dishes and cultural diversities of our people and tribes elucidates the bigger problem of conglomerates dominating the landscape. We are creating awareness and sustaining cultural influences driven away by capitalism through decentralized food delivery services.

Pieme a local food system rewards users for using the decentralized platform to incentivize use, encourages local chefs in small villages to open their restaurants from their homes.

Pieme focuses on being a decentralized platform connecting people to authentic local dishes prepared by the locals themselves without middle players