Pieme features

Guest and Host sections

These are sections where any person any where discovers meals and events around or host people for meals or events easily. 

As a Guest

Find locally cooked meals from people around you and exciting events, or create your own food menu and receive requests from different hosts willing to prepare it on your terms.

Pieme helps a guest to see unique meals and event options to choose from, check for host ratings and reviews from the best sellers, and an option to create custom meal orders if doesn’t find the right meal of choice.

As a Host

Any time any where, Pieme gives any person an opportunity to become a chef by creating meals on the platform or an even organiser in the easiest way. No payments required, it’s simple and really quick to host people on Pieme.

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Pie Section

Just like other social media platforms, the pie section is the primary area of the application. Here users see the Pies (Pies are posts) shared by their Piemates (people they follow). Users can like share or comment on Pies, report any unsupported content or accounts violating terms of the platform.

Chat section

Ratings and Reviews

Piemates in our chat section interact with each other in both group and private conversations, the chat section also makes it easy for guests and hosts on Pieme to interact and make proper appointments on how to get their meals or attend events. 

Security and privacy of our users is the top most priority at all times, our chat fast, highly secure and encrypted to ensure privacy of user conversations.

During the last years, reviews have become crucial to the success of any business, as every business owner is aware of the fact that excellent reviews can boost popularity and profitability, whereas terrible reviews even have the potential of closing businesses down. Pieme provides a platform for guests to rate and review their hosts and hosts rating and reviewing their guests. This strongly helps to improve user experience for better services and behavior on both parties.